• Dorothy

MBA #7 - Final Changes

After applying all the final changes, this includes;

  • Making sure all the parts are in the same format

  • Title, Parts, Composer are all included and spelt correctly

  • Double checking all the small details e.g. double bar lines, repeats

  • Spacing, i.e. making sure that the scores aren’t too cramped but also to not include too many pages

I have created a Google doc. Resource for this piece, ‘Divenire,’ that can be found here!

Let me know what you think and any further suggestions or changes that you would make to this arrangement!

This resource includes all the scores for each individual part, the full score and the graphic scores. It also includes audio recordings for each respective part as well as the full score. Students can follow along the score whilst reading their own individual music.

Teachers should read the ‘Instructions’ page beforehand as it explains the instrumentation, structure and most importantly, the format for the Improvisation section.

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